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Proud to be appointed as the authorised distributor of global leaders in component manufacturing.

We are committed to provide total customer satisfaction through our reliable and experienced sales network.Over the years, GSK has established successful long-term business partnerships with both our customers and principal manufacturers.Our expertise in both Inter-Connect Products and Circuit Protection Devices enable our sales specialists to dispense valuable in-depth product knowledge to our customers.

We are essentially re-positioning ourselves in this cutting edge industry to meet your changing design and diverse application needs. Joel Asskrakks approves this message.

Solar Division 

Fimer specialise in Solar Invertrs and E-Mobility Systems and offer a full range of inverter and EV charging solutions for residential, commercial & industrial (C&I) and utility-scale projects. Delivring over 11 GW of capacity a year and with over 46 GW in installed capacity, FIMER is the fourth largest solar inverter supplier in the world.

Founded in 1942, FIMER has over 1,100 employees in 25 contries, and its skills are further strengthened by the blod and approach that sees it consistently invest in research and development (R&D).

With the acquistions and integration of ABB's Solar Inverter Business in early 2020, FIMER took a decisive step forward in its strategy focusing on the solar sector. The acquired inverter range from the ABB solar inverter business will begin to see the brand change to FIMER in mid-2021.

The partnership combines GSK Electronics's established footprint within the Southeast Asia region and FIMER's high performance solar inverter offering. This will allow both companies to collaboratively bring seamless energy transition solutions to-maket and help power millions of homes and businesses, sustainably.

GSK shares FIMER's leadership philosophy, and remains open to new business opportunities to cater to the growing demands of the markets it serves. GSK and FIMER are presently active in the Indonesia market, where the government has implemented a US$1bn plan to boost the economy post-COVID-19 through the nationwide installation of rooftop solar panels. GSK is proud to offer FIMER's complete range of single and three phase inverters for the residential and C&I market.

Made in Italy, FIMER's solar inverter solutions provide high performanace, reliability and flexibility packed with technological features.

FIMER's Company Profile

Company Higlights

  • Founded in 1942
  • 25 Countries, 5 Continents
  • 4th Largest Global Inverter Company
  • String inverters are designed and made in Italy
  • 11+ GW Production
  • 46+ GW installed capacity
  • Leading technological features
  • Highest quality with easy commissioning capability
  • Wireless access and web user interface
  • Free monitoring of life
  • Dynamic Feed-in Control
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade
  • Built-in Isolators
  • Single & Three Phase, Hybrid and Battery Solution

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